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New Year, Same Ol’ Style

Did the #10year challenge have you feeling as if your style is just a walking blast from the past? Are you tired of dressing only ordinary, in a world where fashion continues to grow more complex? Well you should be, 2019 has arrived so it’s time to leave 2018, and everything with it, in the past.  Finding a new style can be difficult, so together we are going to purge through the old and shop for a new! Follow these steps, and you’ll be sure to see a new and approved you #levelup.

Figuring out your style


If you are trying to reinvent your style by just following trends, then you are going to fall behind. When trying to rebrand or establish your fashion identity, you want to focus on your own personality and use elements that will showcase your persona in everyday life.

How to go from a “Basic Becky” to a “Dynamic Diane”

  1. Create a Vision

As much as we want to believe that looks do not matter, it is important to acknowledge that your appearance speaks volume. When trying to establish your style, start with planning a goal or focal point. Your appearance should be an extension of who you are, an authentic look that is unique to you. Personal fashion is about showing personality, a balance between who you are and how you want to be perceived. Keep in mind any requirements or restrictions for the places you routinely visit- school, work, church, etc.  

  1. Purge! Purge! Purge!b4ec05c854ca2b5df2224ec22a9f8ba3

A great way to feel refreshed and renewed is by letting go. Once you have decided on your intended style it is time to throw, sell, or give away anything else that doesn’t relate. For those items that are just too cute to let go ask yourself, “When was the last time I wore this? Or Why haven’t I worn this yet?” And if your answer doesn’t include a timeline with the intent to wear it anytime soon, let it go. This helps to narrow down what you have, rid any unnecessary or random clothes, and visually see what you need. And hey, you never know what cool things you may find that from what you already have!

  1. Work your way up

We all crave our Princess Diaries and Pretty Woman moment of drastic transformation from rags to royal, but that isn’t realistic. It is important to start with the basics and add pieces as you go. If you have no idea where to start, begin with building a foundation of solid color tops, simple bottoms, and neutral shoes. This allows you to have flexibility and experiment with different possibilities. Once you are comfortable with the basis of your outfit began to add layers and accessories to give your ensemble a bit of flair. Mastering your look can take time, so use resources like Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and inspiration. By following pages and people that emulate fashion concepts that you are trying to achieve gives you time to learn on your own and allows you to monitor new trends that you can incorporate to evolve your appearance even further.

  1. Time to shop


The importance of understanding your styles vision comes into play while shopping. Having a pre-set foundation when you shop, allows you to focus on searching for items that relate to your original idea. This also prevents you from just buying items that look nice instead, you are shopping with a purpose. Some people say it is easier to buy items one at a time, but only if you are an avid shopper. If you are incredibly busy or don’t have the budget to purchase new items regularly, you should be focused on completion. Which means, you should shop to finish an outfit you already have or focus on buying a whole new outfit during that sole shopping adventure.

  1. Commit to your look to you

The best way to be recognized in your “new year, new me” ensemble, is to make sure it looks good on you. Both your style and your clothes should fit you. This can be as detailed as possibly changing your hair or as simple as just making sure you have the right size clothes- either way it will instantly give your look a cleaner edge. Be sure to experiment with colors and prints until you finalize what best compliments your skin and overall image. After you have established your new clothing identity, be sure to continue to expand and diversify your closet by adding variety and continuing to try new things.


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