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Overlooked but Essential, Here’s the Chance to Stand Out

Bottoms are an essential part of an outfit. They’re often overlooked as being inessential, since the top is more eye level and traditionally is a bit more bold. However, this is false. Bottoms cover most of your body from the waist to the ankle. Space that is often forgotten about that is essential to self-expression. Koral Activewear and 3×1 recognize this with their focus on unique silhouettes on leggings and denim.

Koral launched their first collection in 2014 and ever since, they’ve been giving new life to activewear. “Koral was the first activewear brand to use a high-shine, liquid-like fabric on a legging. We were also the first activewear company to introduce the workout jumpsuit,” says Brazilian born founder Ilana Kugel who moved to LA in 2006. She continues, “In this way, we like to think of ourselves as the trendsetters in the activewear/athleisure space. So now I’m using those same fabrications in luxe streetwear.” Their innovative designs are spreading into sports bras, pants, jackets, jumpers, dresses, and etc. using the same fabrics as their flagship leggings like scuba and motorcycle fabrics.

Additionally, celebrities have taken a strong liking toward the brand. Whether it’s JLo posing in a pic with J Balvin, Jennifer Garner stepping out with coffee in hand in the classic paparazzi flick, or Hailey Bieber rocking a puffer coat with large shades, they’re all wearing and seemingly loving their shimmery scuba leggings that look like they’re from the next decade.

The brand 3×1 will be joining Koral with their signature cut and sewn denim. They were born as a concept brand in which they would produce their jeans transparently — letting customers watch them be cut, sewn, finished and delivered to their hands in one session. The event will feature men’s and women’s luxury denim, workout gear, and more all designed and produced here in the US.

Join us at 315 S Robertson Boulevard, 90048 Los Angeles during the dates and times below:

  • Wednesday, November 6th to Sunday, November 10th
  • Wednesday – Saturday: 10 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm

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