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Shopping on a budget

After the holidays, it’s usually more difficult to pick yourself up financially. We’ve all been there or are currently still there. Most of us aren’t made of money, so it’s important to shop mindfully. Budgeting is healthy, not just for your wallet but for your mind. It teaches you discipline and brings some order into your life, while also allowing yourself to get the things you’ve been wanting. Like most great things, it takes effort but it is WORTH IT.


Have a try-on day with your entire closet

Before you even think of buying anything new, you have to think of the things you already own. At times you may not want to wear a piece because it looks unappealing hanging in your closet. That’s why having a try-on day every few months is so important! This is when you try on all of your clothes and accessories. If things don’t fit or you’ve just decided that they don’t go with your wardrobe anymore, it’s time to take them out. Those special clothes that were more expensive can be even harder to let go, but you could always sell them online or at a local thrift store to make some profit. It’s time to organize your closet and make room for new things and new opportunities. No better time than the present!

Get a budgeting app

Download a budgeting app to help keep track of your spendings. This doesn’t apply for just our clothing and accessory needs, but they will have a place here. I’m talking about ALL your spendings; from coffee, to groceries, to gas, to shopping. These apps can be a rude awakening for many of us, but they can be necessary when trying to shop mindfully. It’s too easy to forget how much money you’ve spent, so this app is a great way to refresh yourself. When you realize how much you’re spending you’ll be able to organize your budget and have more to spend on the things you REALLY need.

Attempt to buy timeless pieces

Splurging is not a terrible thing. Especially when you’ve been practicing budgeting, don’t feel bad for treating yourself. If you’re going to splurge, try to splurge on items that you know are timeless. There are certain fashion staples that will never be out of style. This can vary between people so think of the outfits you find yourself wearing the most. Is it a plain white tee with leggings? Is it a leather jacket? Is it a little black dress? Specific items become super important in our wardrobe and having more of those staples is great because you know it won’t be going to waste.

Shop the sales

When you’re out shopping, don’t go straight for the window mannequins. Sales usually have hidden treasures for way cheaper than retail price. You might have to look a little harder but it’s totally worth the extra effort. If there’s nothing on the sale rack, don’t worry- there are so many places specifically created for sale-lovers. One of these places is sample sales, like the ones we hold in LA and NY. (get more info by signing up here)

Sample sales are an especially amazing way to work within a budget. They’re fully devoted to displaying a large amount of quality items with a knocked down price tag. Having a designer piece does not have to be the equivalent of your savings. If you could get something for cheaper why wouldn’t you take advantage of that opportunity? Going to sample sales is just a smart decision. Not to mention, the feeling of snagging something amazing for a discounted price is one of the best feelings!


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