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Three Summer 2019 Fashion Must-Haves

Summer is here and everyday styles are heating up with the rising temperatures. Whether you’re kickin’ it at the beach, brunching with your besties, or serving looks in the office, here are three of the top summer trends to take note of for the coming months.


Let’s talk leather! There is absolutely no need to pack away your favorite leather coats or accessories this summer. A staple statement piece, use your leather as a contrasting layer to really make those lighter, brighter tones that define your outfit pop. Or, instead of the usual blacks and browns, try baby pink, sky blue, or soft yellow. Don’t be afraid to ditch the black and bring some light into your wardrobe! Whether you need to add some flair to your look or keep warm on a breezy summer night, you can always count on leather to have your back.

accessoriesHello, accessories! Accessories are a consistent must, regardless of the season. They can work as powerful finishing touches to a near-perfect ensemble or they can define an otherwise simple look. So, whether it is a pop of color on your shoes or a matching purse, accessories can make or break your outfit. One particular accessory you’ll need to make sure to have is timeless and coming to you straight from the 80s. Of course, I’m talking about scrunchies! Not only are they practical, but you can match them to your outfit and really bring your overall look together.

Don’t Underestimate Bodysuits. Bodysuits are a must-have this summer. You can dress them up for a sexy or sophisticated look, or keep them casual dress by pairing them with some chic shorts or flowy pants. There’s a bodysuit for every occasion, and endless styles to choose from. Plus, the style is so versatile and looks great on women of all body types. With so much potential for a killer look, definitely make sure you’ve got some of these in your closet this summer!

These trends have remained in the fashion limelight throughout the various stylistic eras, and definitely don’t deserve to be forgotten just yet. So, when regarding your clothing repertoire this summer, make sure you’re stocked up on these essential, powerful styles!  

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